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Zip 06 Person of the Week

Peter Gulick: Preserving the Past for the Future

Peter Gulick is a longtime member of the Madison Hose Company No. 1, a volunteer job he finds personally rewarding. He is also a professional restorer of historical and contemporary houses.

If only the walls of historical houses could talk, what treasure trove of stories and lessons would we hear?

Of course, we all know that walls can’t talk, but it’s the inherent significance of historical houses that Peter Gulick wants people to remember.

A professional restorer of historical and contemporary houses and a former member of Madison’s Advisory Committee for Community Appearance, Peter points out that historical houses don’t have to deteriorate or fall into disrepair. In fact, well-preserved historical houses can provide value, significance, and yes, appeal to the community.

“Renovating old houses is fulfilling since we want to keep the stories and the people that use to live in these houses for the past 200 to 300 years. Getting rid of these houses means that the stories of their live[s] go away with the house,” he says.

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